Businesses are evolving faster than ever before, which means you need to be equally adaptable to changes. Fortunately, The Hub Events offers business skills courses which focus on the fundamental skills needed to maximise your team’s performance.

Whether you’re a new or seasoned manager, our courses are tailored to different levels of responsibility and stages of your career meaning there’s something for everybody. Our business skills courses equip you with a wide range of business operations and topics including facilitating meetings, creative problem solving and business growth.

Communication and its impact are both powerful and hard to master. Our courses are designed to help you analyse how you communicate with others, how this comes across and what you want to achieve in the future as a result of your conversations.

Our communication courses are intensive and challenging but highly rewarding and will change the way you view the art of communication. They’re especially useful if you’re progressing into a senior role and need to develop your influencing skills or are in a position that requires you to take the lead on many aspects of your business.

From public speaking to one-to-one conversations, The Hub Events will help you develop your skills through practical exercises and diagnostics to enhance your communication skills both personally and professionally.


At The Hub Events we offer fantastic courses for HR professionals that help you acquire the skills and confidence to support your colleagues.

Whether you’re a full-time HR professional or simply want to increase your awareness of best practices - we cover all aspects of HR as well as leadership, management and business skills in one-or two-day intensive courses. Discover how you can engage employees, monitor performance, have difficult conversations and boost your emotional intelligence to better your decision-making skills.

Leadership can be hard to define; it’s one of those attributes you recognise when you see it, but it’s not easy to emulate. The Hub Events offers leadership training courses that are suitable for all levels of managers, but more importantly for those who have taken on greater responsibility and need to step up to a leadership role seamlessly.

It’s a set of skills that come naturally to some, however everyone can benefit from leadership training courses to refine their current skills and undo any bad habits they might have picked up. For those who don’t see themselves as natural leaders – we help you become so by working together on the fundamentals that help visions come to life.

Our leadership courses are intensive, challenging and practical to allow you to apply the skills you learn as soon as you leave the training room.

Many people get promoted to management without any formal management training. That’s precisely what makes management training courses so essential for career development, employee satisfaction and confidence building.

Whilst a managerial role is exciting and rewarding, it comes with its own set of challenges that can take time to overcome. For some, the skills required to manage teams come naturally, but others might need that extra theoretical insight and practical training to effectively lead their teams.

A good manager will know what motivates their team and aim to get the best out of them. Our management training courses provide you with the practical skills through realistic exercises and diagnosing your most common issues in management. These include (but are not limited to) delegating tasks, conflict resolution, difficult conversations, emotional intelligence and performance management.

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