LifePAL - Let's get moving!

Measure, Inform, Inspire.
  • Your LifePAL will continually record your smallest physical movements all through the day - and even when you are sleeping!

  • Transfer your recent activity to your computer and view graphs and personal metrics, so you can monitor your improvements and long term trends.

  • Join our challenges, sign up for our tips and share your success with friends and family for inspiration and motivation.



That's the total number of PALPOINTS our LifePAL community has accumulated since we launched. Come and join us - we'll help you to become more active, which may help you lead a healthier (and longer) life.

During the day

During the day

LifePAL measures every single physical movement you make during - no matter how small these movements are .We'll show you how physically active you have been each day, and then we'll help you to move more, and thus become both fitter and healthier.

Whilst asleep

Whilst asleep

LifePAL also measures your movements whilst you are asleep, so you can then see how well you are sleeping. We'll provide tips that will help you sleep better - and you will be able to see which of these tips really work for you.

Let's get moving

Let's get started

To get started, all you have to do is register your LifePAL on this website, download our software and read our simple tutorial - then get moving, and start living a healthier life!

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Get active, be healthy

Read about the importance of physical activity, and what it means for your health and wellbeing.

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Learn more about our LifePAL product, and the technology that makes it possible.

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Follow our simple tutorial and see how easy it is to use LifePAL.